Tips On Collecting Links

Tips On Collecting Links

“Whoa Friends, You Reached The Collection Limit For Now. Try Again Later ”

You Have Reached You Collection Limit For Selected Item.Try Again 18 Hours

(This Happen If You Have Collected Just One Limited Item…..than Start Your Counter)

“Sorry! You Cannot Have Any More Of this  Item”

Your inventory is full of this item! Go into your game and Use
Sell selected item then come back here and claim again!
"Sorry All Rewards Has been Claimed"

All items from the selected link are claimed! Each link only 
has 5 items, Try another link!
"Sorry, this reward is expired"

Selected link is expired! Links are only good for 48 hours. 
Check the date when the link was posted!
What Is "Unlimited Claim"?

Links with items where the claim limit has been removed! 
You can claim from all links without seeing "Whoa friend you 
reached collect limit for now"
(if you have not clicked on a limited link in the last 18 hours)
for Example: Normally you can claim from only 5 - 10 links 
and you see "whoa friend message"
(limit number is different on each item)
but with limit removed you can claim from all 200 links!You
need only to go on game inventory and use claimed item when you see
"Sorry! you cannot have anymore of this item."then you can claim again from another links!

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